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      A little to the north of this town many had been lying wounded in the trenches for over eight days, without being able to get their wounds bandaged. They had to admit the success of the French field artillery, which produced a most serious effect.

      Whether there exist any realities beyond what are revealed to us by this evidence, and what sensible evidence itself may be worth, were problems already actively canvassed in Aristotles time. His Metaphysics at once takes us into the thick of the debate. The first question of that age was, What are the causes and principles of things? On one side stood the materialiststhe old Ionian physicists and their living representatives. They said that all things came from water or air or fire, or from a mixture of the four elements, or from the interaction of opposites, such as wet and dry, hot and cold.332 Aristotle, following in the track of his master, Plato, blames them for ignoring the incorporeal substances, by which he does not mean what would now be understoodfeelings or states of consciousness, or even the spiritual substratum of consciousnessbut rather the general qualities or assemblages of qualities which remain constant amid the fluctuations of sensible phenomena; considered, let us observe, not as subjective thoughts, but as objective realities. Another deficiency in the older physical theories is that they either ignore the efficient cause of motion altogether (like Thales), or assign causes not adequate to the purpose (like Empedocles); or when they hit on the true cause do not make the right use of it (like Anaxagoras). Lastly, they have omitted to study the final cause of a thingthe good for which it exists.

      "I hope there is nothing wrong, sir," asked Prout.

      And listen--I have a further thought. Since you are so afraid that byFor pulleys, gear wheels, or other standard parts of machinery which are not likely to be modified or changed, iron patterns are preferable; patterns for gear wheels and pulleys, when made of wood, aside from their liability to spring and warp, cannot be made sufficiently strong to withstand foundry use; besides, the greatest accuracy that can be attained, even by metal patterns, is far from producing true castings, especially for tooth wheels. The more perfect patterns are, the less rapping is required in drawing them; and the less rapping done, the more perfect castings will be.

      To attempt a generalisation of the operations of the fitting shop in this manner may not seem a very practical means of understanding them, yet the application will be better understood as we go farther on.

      In the meantime they themselves had a word or two to say about the fright I gave them; for when I stood at the door they mistook me in my sporting habit for a German officer, and the top of my water-bottle for the butt of a revolver!


      She is a most uncommonly spoiled child; I shall have to teach


      "I am going mad," Leona whispered. "To allude to that tonight! Well, I have got on in the world like other people. No need to allude to that. What can it possibly have to do with the matter?"


      Lawrence took a fountain pen from his pocket. Without the slightest hesitation and in a good dashing hand Leona Lalage appended her signature. It was a great deal more firm and true than either of the witnessing signatures.