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      Larry nodded emphatically.

      No answer.

      Cairness congratulated him with all solemnity, and asked if she were a widow. He was sure she must be, for the gallantry of the West in those days allowed no woman to pass maturity unwed.

      "That same. She was part Mescalero, anyway."


      106[Pg 107]


      Sandy looked.


      Assuming an air of having forgotten all about Dicks rhyme, he went to his place in the seat behind Jeff and the instant his safety belt was snapped Jeff signaled to a farmer who had come over to investigate and satisfy himself that the airplane had legitimate business there; the farmer kicked the stones used as chocks from under the landing tires and Jeff opened up the throttle.Landor asked him to spend the night at the camp, and he did so, being given a cot in the mess tent.